How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Monday, June 27, 2005


The way nature stays in harmony is by having balance. Sun, water, air, animals, plants, viruses...nature needs a certain proportion of all of it to maintain. Too much of any of these ingredients, and there's a possible dangerous shift.

The way a human stays in harmony is the same. We have sleep, food, shelter, sun, exercise, education, work, play, pain, laughter, community, family, introspection, and much more. Too much of anything can be unbalanced. Imbalance can be at the root of what isn't going well in our lives. Or imbalance can be the indicator of something deeper that needs to be examined.

You can approach it either way. Looking deeper and healing what's inside can slowly help alleviate what is out of balance. Or, being more balanced can help to alleviate some of what is deeper. Both can be working together at the same time to bring you closer to your optimal state of mind and body.

Find your balance. Find what brought you imbalance. Everyone is slightly different. When adjusting your lifestyle, make minor changes, to avoid going from one extreme to the other and not being satisfied with any of the results.