How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Friday, July 15, 2005


Lack of sleep has the exact symptoms of depression. Many times it is easy to confuse the two. You will feel as though you are depressed when you actually require some real rest. If you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, easily irritated....try to take a nap or get a full night's sleep and see how you feel afterward.

If you suffer from sleeping problems, you will continually also suffer from other conditions as a result. If you have consistent low energy levels or mood changes, perhaps you are not getting deep sleep and do not realize it. Seek professional help to investigate this.

If you do find that you have been sleeping much more than usual, or do not feel better after many successive long periods of sleep, you may perhaps have a psychological or physical condition that requires professional diagnosis.

Keep a regular schedule for sleep. Give your body the rest that it requires.