How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday Quotes on Peace

These quotes all come from HeartMath Solution, an innovative non-profit company that focuses on better performance of the mind and body in order to have better work and personal performance.

"You can never get to peace and inner security without first acknowledging all of the good things in your life. If you're forever wanting and longing for more without first appreciating things the way they are, you'll stay in discord."

"At that elusive moment when we transcend our ordinary performance and feel in harmony with something else—whether it's a glorious sunset, inspiring music or another human being—our studies have shown that what we are really coming in sync with is ourselves. Not only do we feel more relaxed and at peace, but this entrained state increases our ability to perform well and offers numerous health benefits."

"The heart shows us the inherent core values in our lives and brings us closer to the sense of true security and belonging we all need. Heart intelligence is often accompanied by a solid, secure and balanced feeling. We can tell when we are in contact with the heart by how it feels. The intelligence of the heart acts as an impetus for what some scientists call "qualia" — our experience of the feelings and qualities of love, compassion, non-judgment, tolerance, patience and true forgiveness. These qualities are often accompanied by a peaceful, clear state of awareness."

"Thoughts and feelings play a major role in everything we do. It is through these inner processes that we experience our happiness and peace of mind—or the worst day we've ever had."