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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Apologies, part two

On Apology by Aaron Lazare and The Power of Apology by Beverly Engel are two books that address the act of apologizing. Lazare offers the history of, and analysis of apologies to individuals or to groups, while Engel also analyzes the importance of apologies, and applies them to interpersonal interactions.

Both authors focus on the fact that successful apologies do have three vital components and while each author has a slightly different variation of these three components, they essential are:

- acknowledging the action for which the apology is being made
- expressing feelings of remorse
- offering something in order to repair the situation

While this is an elaborate apology for a minor action, it is certainly a well-constructed apology when the behavior causes conflict between two people.

Sincerity is the key element in the delivery of any apology.

Either book is essential to learn more about the art and psychology of apologizing.