How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Feeling Connected

We are mostly social beings...we tend to crave the touch. This is why we have handshakes, hugs, massages, cuddling, and many, many other forms of touch. Touch helps us to remember that we are alive. We rely on all of our sensations to feed the brain with the reality of our worlds. Touch has the power to heal, comfort, and strengthen. It tells us where the boundaries are, where we are, where everything else is. It grounds us.

Some people prefer less physical touching from other people. Some people only desire being touched by family and friends. Do not forget that the touch of an animal is just as powerful. And when all living creatures are inaccessible, touching plants, trees, and the earth have beneficial results as well. Many times we go into nature to feel more connected. Or we garden. Let your bare feet touch the grass, sand, or dirt, and allow the energy to flow in and out.

The only thing separating ourselves from everything else is our own skin. To balance that separation, we need to feel the closeness. Connections through touch are vital in our daily lives.

How connected do you feel and how do you feed that need?