How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Need for Expression

One of the inescapable and vital roles we play is a receiver. We a constantly taking life in, in multitudes of experiences.

We can only take in so much before it has to start coming out, one way or another.

We react, we process, we think, we feel.

If we do not utilize some form of expression, we allow all that we have absorbed to potentially manifest as negative thought pattersn or maladaptive behaviors.

We can only hold so much.

Even a sponge can only hold a certain capacity before it begins to leak and drip and push excess liquid around. It is no longer functional until it is squeezed out.

Let it out and let it go.

Sometimes we have to carry on with daily lives and full schedules, so we tuck the emotions away for another time. We need to remember to fully acknowledge them. The sooner we can do this (in terms of days, rather than years), the healthier we become.

While meditation, relaxation, and visualization are all excellent ways to calm and center yourself, there are times that we need more than this. These techniques actually assist in creating the time and space for expression to follow.

Some ways to express:

talk, outloud to yourself or anyone who will listen
cry, even if it's during a movie
scream, possibly into a pillow
draw, even if it's scribbling
paint, even with your fingers
sculpt, possibly with playdoh or silly putty
make things with your hands, to push the energy out
sing, perhaps loudly with a song
dance, and let the arms and legs move on their own
journal, where your stream-of-consciousness takes over
do anything strenuous, in which you exert a lot of physical energy
laugh to release physical tightness, emotional restraint, and allow the blood to circulate
breathe deeply and use your voice as your exhale, with "ahhh"

We convince ourselves that we can't do many of these things for fear of embarrassment or being judged, even by ourselves. But expressions are extremely necessary to allow the release and allow the feelings to be witnessed and validated, with no critique.

Try to express yourself in ways you usually resist. Let it go, let it happen unjudged.