How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Thursday, June 30, 2005

To Be Disconnected

Sometimes we actually need a hiatus from our lives and our worlds.

Sometimes we want to be in a vacuum, or bubble, or nothingness.

It can be helpful to step away from it all, especially when we are too involved in our own situations, or too emotional, or find that our thoughts continue to circle, with no conclusion.

How do you get disconnected temporarily?

- go for a hike in the woods, be with nature
- drive with no music, and preferably not a lot of traffic
- if you're on an airplane, gaze out the window at the world below
- bathe and soak with your ears just below the water
- be alone with earplugs, to only hear the soft static of muffled air
- meditate or visualize a peaceful place

Simply taking a few steps away can help you refocus and perhaps see things differently. Even 60 seconds can seem like a long time in your mind.

Give yourself a moment to disconnect from it all.