How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Monday, July 04, 2005

Clearing Your Space


Some of us state that we are comfortable with the clutter or prefer to live this way. For those of us who feel somewhat overwhelmed, slightly depressed, unmotivated, or tired in some areas of our lives, perhaps clearing our own spaces would be helpful. Many times we cannot control what happens at work, or with our families, and therefore it could be reassuring that we do have control over our space.

Every time we see clutter around us, even peripherally, it registers in our minds that there is some disorganization around us, and that perhaps, we are accepting it because it's difficult to change it. Again, we are also giving up more of our control.

Clearing our space gives us the power to change something in our environment and feel organized and proud rather than disorganized and apologetic. Clearing our space also relieves us of the extra mental energy that it takes to accept the clutter and remember where everything is by navigating through our memory map, rather than through a logical filing system. We feel lighter, cleaner, and more confident in our ability to tackle other challenges. We can begin to make our space a sanctuary.

You can do this quite minimally. Put away one thing today. Throw away one thing today. Move some things out of the way to decide upon at another time.

How does "clutter vs. clear" affect your life?