How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Choice and Belief

These are the two things no one can take from you. Use them.

You have CHOICE. You can choose how you will feel, think, speak, act. How you choose to live your life gives you certain results. If you are not satisfied with the results, change your choice. Your choice can be as simple as choosing your perspective, or choosing to find meaning. We spend a lot of time feeling as though life happens to us. Do not forget your right to choose how you react to life. This choice is yours.

You have BELIEF. It is much like your choice. You can believe what you wish about yourself, your world, your reality. You can choose to change these beliefs throughout your lifetime. What you believe will affect what you perceive, as you will be taking in information that either confirms or opposes your beliefs. Your beliefs will shape who you are and what is in your world.

What will you choose to believe?

Will you choose to believe that peace in your world is possible?

Could that choice in that belief have some impact on how you approach your day?