How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Friday, June 03, 2005

Our Sense of Control

Over what do we have control?

We have some control over our worlds and our lives. We make decisions that affect us every day. We desire control because it gives us the feeling of predictability and safety. Yet many of us experience pain and frustration when we find that we feel as though we have very little control. While we understand that we cannot control natural events such as earthquakes, tornados, and the seasons, we tend to forget that we also have very little control over what other people do. Sometimes we spend a significant amount of time and energy attempting to influence or change people; we then link our emotions directly to how others think, speak, or act.

Ultimately you have control over one thing: your thoughts. And your thoughts--not other people or events--control your feelings. You can choose to think positively or negatively or neutrally about any situation. Your thoughts will then shape your emotions about that situation. When you feel as though you have lost control over everything, remember that you have control over you, your reaction, your feelings, and your perspective.

Let go of the things and the people over which you have no control. Perhaps that will lessen some suffering and bring you a step closer to your own peace.