How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Living in the Moment

The present is what we have. THIS MOMENT. The more we focus on the past or the future, the less we are living in the present and actually absorbing what this moment has to offer. The less we live in the present, the less we feel joy or peace. What are you receiving from the world right NOW?

This exercise is similar to my 5/20/2005 entry, Practicing Mindfulness. Try this with someone who is close to you to see what it feels like to live in this moment.

Stay present for five minutes, without talking about the past or the future...commenting on the sounds, tastes, sensations....anything that happens only in the moment that you are in.

You'll notice more feelings of gratitude and appreciation for everything around you. You'll also notice that you and someone else are sharing the exact same moment, which can be intimate and centering.

If you do not have a person you can do this with, try just thinking about what is happening in the present. If your thoughts stray to the past or the future or something not in your immediate surroundings, simply note the thoughts and come back to where you are.