How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Friday, October 07, 2005

Greater Than You

Part of our emotional journey involves a time in our lives when we discover that there is something beyond each of us.

This can be a sense of God, Universe, Path, Energy, Light, Wisdom, World, Otherworld, Oneness, Unity, Community. You can almost insert anything and the common theme is that it would hold the role of, "other than you, yet a part of you, and of which you are a part."

This element can give us these things:

- a sense of belonging and connection
- a sense of mattering to the bigger picture
- an underlying purpose
- a guide for our actions
- a reason for what eludes us
- a way to cope with suffering
- a way to give the power to something else when we need to
- a will to go on

It is essential that we feel as though we are connected to something greater than ourselves as individuals in order to feel grounded in our reality and in our lives.

When you find that you can't make sense of it all, or you're feeling particularly weak and broken down, envision that you are connected.

Know that you belong here and are extremely necessary to something greater...just as you are.