How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Similarities and Differences

We each can have a long list of similarities and differences to those around us. We tend to quickly be drawn to the similarities, as they are easy to make connections and links. We react to the differences with either indifference, intrigue, and wonder, or fear, disgust, and hate.

Similarities feel safe because they are known. Sometimes the similarities are too close to personal issues and we could be turned off immediately, yet they are still known. Differences put us into the world of the unknown, and therefore many other emotions come up, many of which have a base of fear.

Identify differences that you can be completely open to, without fear. Explore a difference that you do have a fear about, by either inviting conversation, investigating through literature, or simply observing with an open mind. Knowledge takes away the fear and helps us improve our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. We tend to make the best decisions with accurate information, and the worst decisions by filling in the blanks with our own emotions.

Find all the similarities within all the differences and you will find more connections with many people.