How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Saturday, October 15, 2005


We are each very, very, very, very unique.

When we realize this, we can take a moment to respect each other's differences, learn about each other's perspectives, look inside ourselves for introspection, and identify what makes us react to others and why.

Notice how many reactions, opinions, or judgment we have toward other people's choices of fashion, cars, music, hairstyles, intimate partners, careers. This doesn't even include bigger views such as politics and religion.

We react with inner criticisms:

"Why can't he/she just do it this way?"
"What in the world were those people thinking?"
"That person doesn't have any taste at all."
"I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that outfit/driving that car/dating that person."

Assuming that we are discussing legal behavior and choices, let's ask ourselves these questions:

Can we tolerate and respect people's choices and differences?
Can we tolerate that our loved ones choose not to take our advice?
Can we tolerate that people raise their children, conduct their daily business, prioritize, socialize, vote, and live differently than we do?
Can we tolerate that people have very different beliefs, values, morals, and ethics than we do?
Can we distinguish who we cannot be around, choose to distance ourselves, but still allow people to be who they are?

Can we live and let live?

Try to observe people today with no judgment, simply observing. Allow neutral comments to cross your mind. Even try to find one positive thing about every person you see, which might be something you imagine about what they are like on the inside.

Perhaps you'll find some appreciation for what you normally question. Perhaps you'll have a feeling of acceptance...simply allowing us all to exist in the same space.