How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

On Stillness

We each have a different pace, a different energy level that we run on. And there are many phases in our lives that vary from hectic to calm.

If life tends to get away from us for a long period of time, we may be running on empty. Or we may be keeping up with such a tight schedule that we don't know where the months have gone or what our goals were in the first place.

At times, if I don't stay aware of what I'm doing, I can fill my schedule to the rim, because I have the time and the effort. But nowhere is it written that I HAVE to. In those times when my pace is too hectic, I rarely have feelings of being grounded and centered. That's when I need to remember, that in order to maintain some sense of balance, I need to have moments of quiet and moments of absolute stillness.

In stillness we have opportunities to listen to ourselves...even if we have nothing important to say. Those moments give us a chance to get realigned and refocused. We may have epiphanies. We may simply need to rest. Without realizing it, we respond to our own heartbeat and breathing. We know ourselves the best. This gives us the chance to just be with ourselves.

If a moment of stillness makes us uncomfortable, edgy, or impatient...we can ask ourselves what might be behind that. The answer may be enlightening. For some of us, it may not work at all. But at least we can try it a few times to see if anything changes.

And the moment does not need to be long. Even one minute can be beneficial.