How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


a·ware : adj. Having knowledge or cognizance.

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Awareness has two functions for each of us: to learn and to educate. We each have the privilege and the responsibility to learn and educate as we go through life and encounter new people and new ideas. What is important is to understand the nature of these actions.

To learn: this is our opportunity to gain something. Whether or not we agree, whether or not we adhere to the exact information, we do gain something by exposure to different perspectives, beliefs, customs, values, etc.

To educate: this is our opportunity to share something. Whether or not someone else agrees or adheres to what we offer, we have at least given our views and have exposed someone else to something other than what they have.

This is as much control over awareness as we have. While there are more active strategies such as persuasion and coercion, awareness is the strategy that we can employ while respecting personal boundaries and granting equality among differences. We may or may not agree with this strategy, yet it may actually be the most effective in the long run. How well does it work to force someone else to see your point of view?
Our roles in awareness keep us from taking on too much while allowing us to contribute to social consciousness.

Having awareness is the first step to any possibility of change. Yet awareness can only happen when the door is open. It may come slowly.

Continue to share, even if the door seems closed. And leave it at that. It's what you can do.