How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What Brings You Joy

Joy comes from deep, deep within. And it is a slightly different formula for each of us, as well. What brings you joy? Think of a list of moments or activities that bring you the most joy. How often do you feel joy? Would you like to feel it more often?

The things that bring me the most joy are: painting, hiking, meditating, singing, being with the ocean, bubble baths, and being completely surrounded by friends and family. How often do I engage in these? Certainly not as often as I'd like. Sometimes it isn't possible to create those perfect moments. Sometimes I wait until there is a big enough window of time to truly saturate myself in a perfect moment, and the waiting delays the joy. Sometimes I'm not in a mood to feel joy.

Joy can exist if we choose to have it. Perhaps we need to work a little bit at the pain or stress that is keeping us from joy. Perhaps we can have a joy-break in the midst of dealing with the serious side of life. We can even relive the memory of a truly joyful moment in our lives, and it actually changes the chemistry of the brain as we immerse ourselves in the visualization. Visualizing such moments can help us maintain certain levels of happiness that, in turn, keep us more balanced and healthy. Creating new moments also reminds of us what is best about being alive.

Be sure to schedule your joy if it isn't already happening on a semi-regular basis. It is vital to your quality existence.