How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Saturday, June 04, 2005

On Grief and Loss

Do you have something or someone over which you feel you have not fully grieved?

Have you experienced a loss over which you still feel pain?

So many times we rush through grief to get on with our lives. Grief is one of those things, that, if unattended, or interrupted, becomes warped into our daily lives and hides in subtle behaviors, physical conditions, or other complex issues.

Write a letter to your loved one, to the painful event, or even to yourself. Dedicate some real time to address these fresh or old feelings. You cannot shorten the task by having a passing thought or a light conversation. The full ritual of writing it out gives the grief the validity it begs for. Burn the letter afterward if you are moved to. Or share it with others. Make it an entry on your personal blog and see what happens. Do these things to help you move toward peace. Do it as often as you need.

"The only way out is through." Honor your grief and loss.