How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Start Anything

We have the tendency to refrain from starting new projects or endeavors for the following reasons: 1) other tasks are not completed, 2) we really don't have time to see it through, and 3) why start it if we're not going to finish it?

When a new idea pops into our minds, you may turn to it with disapproval, without giving it a chance. Yet, perhaps, it could be a possibility.

Allow your mind to daydream a little. Go with the new idea. Start on it. Why not? Start it with no expectations of finishing it, with no judgment of its success or failure, and without being critical about the logistics.

If you have a new thought, follow it. It will take you on an adventure whose destination is unknown. You may never even reach the end, because along the way, something else might pleasantly distract you. You meet someone new, you learn something new, you try something new.

Find satisfying results in the meanderings of the initial whim that took you there. Do not be disappointed with what you thought you should have accomplished. It requires no explanation to others, either. After all, it was your choice to embark, and your choice to drift and detour.

Relish the serendipity of life with no regrets in your recreations.

If you still find that incomplete projects are too daunting, do some follow up reading with Do One Thing.