How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Our fears keep us from



What are you most afraid of? What is it keeping you from? What would you like to do with the fear?
Your fear is as strong as your mind allows it to be. Your fear doesn't want to be laughed at because it wants to make you believe that is real, so it convinces you that people will be laughing at you. Let your fear be SHARED. Even anonymously if you wish.

Half of your fear will diminish the moment you share it in the open with someone to expose it for what it really is.

The other half will diminish only when you do one thing: the thing you fear.

If it is not something you can actually do or have any control over, then the fear will diminish the moment you accept it...with open arms. You can either live in fear, live with the fear, or live without the fear. Make your choice.

See if you can slowly change the fear with one small step today.