How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Follow Your Advice

Sometimes we will be talking with someone close to us, who needs our advice and comfort, or we will even be having a passing conversation with to an acquaintance or a stranger and, in doing so, we somehow give the most eloquent messages that we couldn't have scripted better. Not only that, these messages, while delivered to someone else, coincidentally seem to be for our own lives as well.

Many people believe that these messages come from other entities, or perhaps a shared consciousness. Others believe that the subconscious projects these messages onto others, when we actually need it for ourselves. Whether or not you hold these beliefs, you may want to adhere to your own gifts of wisdom for these reasons:

1. Others will be more likely to believe you and follow your advice. Your credibility will hold firm if you do not appear to be saying one thing and doing another.

2. If you do as you say, and find that the method doesn't actually work, perhaps you will gain a better understanding of other people's situations and will adjust what you advise. Or if your method does work, perhaps you can report your own success as an inspiration.

3. You know what is truly good advice for all to follow, including yourself. Make yourself a priority with self-care and self-discipline.

Watch your words the next time you come up with an amazing message. While you may initially dismiss it as irrelevant to your own life, look a little deeper to see if there's anything there for you.