How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Power of Thought

Your thoughts manifest in many ways.

Your thoughts can become words which either initiate your action or the actions of others. Your thoughts can also shape your perception of your experiences. Two people can have the exact same experience and a completely different perception of it. In addition, through the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy, you will receive the results that you expected in your thoughts.

There is also the belief that actual energy and power exists in thought. Many people send out thoughts to make events happen. We pray, we wish for good luck, we attempt to help ourselves and others through our mental concentration.
Falun Gong practitioners utilize an exercise of "sending righteous thoughts" in order to eliminate injustice. Yoga practitioners or people who meditate practice a specific meditation on healing the world. It is also a strong belief in many cultures that practicing in groups is much more powerful.

Many times we say, "What can I possibly do to solve the world's problems?" Try to send out thoughts through one of these methods. You will spend minutes for something that could spread peace around the world, and at the very least, bring a little more peace to your world.