How to Get a Piece of Peace in Your Life

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Always Running Late

Do you find yourself late for many of your scheduled activities or appointments, even with the best intentions of being on time?

Do you beat yourself up over this pattern and stress as you are en route?

You have several options to alleviate this chronic tardiness and the mental anguish that accompanies it.

1) Make it your daily priority to be on time. Before your day begins, employ your strategy to consciously improve your punctuality. Visualize it. Have a mantra.

2) Cut out some of your planned activities or tasks. Do not feel pressured to fit it all into one day, as you can already see from the past that it doesn't all fit.

3) Estimate your travel time accurately. Build in extra time for unexpected delays before and during the travel.

4) If outside demands (work, family, school) do not allow enough time in the day, begin to address this with others. If it's not possible to be on time, it's not possible to keep it all in your schedule.

5) Work toward being somewhere early. Take projects or reading material with you to fill the extra time. See what it feels like to be in this position and use it as motivation for future successes.

6) Accept your tardiness when it happens. You are running late, and stressing will not get you there faster. Breathe deeply, alert others of your estimated arrival time, think of what you will do to accomodate for the time, and arrive to your destination calmly.